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RELEASE - Onmyou Taisenki vol.01 ch.008 & ch.009

[PMS]_Onmyou_Taisenki_v01_ch008.zip and [PMS]_Onmyou_Taisenki_v01_ch009.zip have been released, thus completing the first volume!

MegaUpload: Download

MegaUpload: Download

[PMS]_Onmyou_Taisenki_v01.zip (50mb)
MegaUpload: Download
HTTP backup: Download

Thank you so much for your support, everyone. :)
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RELEASE - Onmyou Taisenki vol.01 ch.001

[PMS]_Onmyou_Taisenki_v01_ch001.zip released!

First post, first release. :)

MegaUpload: Download

Err, we'll wait until we have the full volume released before making BT ^^;


Genre: Shounen/Action/History
Summary (yoinked from Wikipedia and edited to prevent spoilers):
The story of the manga is about Yoshikawa Yakumo's first steps with a Shikigami (式神, literally 'Ritual Gods'), training with Izuna (Taihaku shrine's miko, or shrine maiden) and seeking the evil Mahoroba through various Japanese historical dates. Famous Japanese historical characters such as Oda Nobunaga can be seen throughout the manga.

You can purchase the original Onmyou Taisenki manga at yesasia.